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Foundation Vent Screen Repair Kit

$14.29 each (or less per kit when purchased in multi-packs)

If the mesh in your foundation vent is falling apart, use this screen repair kit to seal out the mice and rats. Repair your foundation vent mesh in minutes with just a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. A professional quality connection that will last and still keep the recommended airflow under your house. Don't just protect a investment, protect your home.

How this repair kit works:

Designed to repair the screen in one side of a standard 16” x 8” foundation vent. They were installed in houses starting around 1995 to the present. To know if this screen repair kit will work in your foundation vent, measure the smallest opening of the frame. The one that the broken mesh attached to. It should measure approximately 6-3/4" x 5-3/8". This foundation vent repair kit has tabs that are designed to be bent back with pliers and after being inserted into the vent, crimped against the existing frame that the old screen attached to. (See the 3rd picture).

Warning! Metal edges, screws, and mesh may be sharp. Wear gloves, and safety glasses when installing this repair kit to prevent cuts and scrapes.

What's included in this kit:
  • 1 Foundation Kit Screen Repair Frame - Galvanized
  • 1 Replacement Metal Mesh - Galvanized
  • 8 Sheet Metal Screws - Zinc Coated

Installation Instructions.

  1. Tools needed: Pliers, #2 phillips screwdriver, gloves (recommended), safety glasses (recommended), head lamp (optional), dust broom (optional).
  2. Sweep out any spiders / cobwebs / whatever with the dust broom. (If you can't get past this step because of the spiders, maybe you can pay your kids to do it.)
  3. Look around the foundation vent existing frame that the old screen attached to, and compare that to the new frame in this kit. Determine which tabs to bend back. This new frame is equipped with multiple tabs. Not all of the tabs need to be used, so choose one on each side of the frame that will be easiest for you to attach. If you are unsure what will work best, try the 4 corners.
  4. Bend the selected tabs almost straight (about 80 degrees) back so that they can enter the opening. If you go all the way straight back, the crimping step will be more difficult.
  5. Insert the frame into the opening. It may take a little bending here an there to get it to go in.
  6. Reach your pliers into the center of the frame and crimp down a bent tab by opening the pliers and placing one jaw on the old frame, and another jaw on the bent tab so that both the old frame and the bent tab are between the jaws of the pliers and squeeze. Keep squeezing until you feel it touching the back of the surface you are crimping it to. Do that for each bent tab.
  7. Attach the mesh to the frame using the 8 screws provided.

Material of construction: Galvanized

Patent Pending

Tools and evil rodents shown in pictures not included.

Designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest.

Link to YouTube instruction video.

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